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After being a closet road geek for forty years, with the acquisition of a digital camera, renewed interest in the roadgeek groups on the Internet and spare time due to early retirement, I have started my own roadgeek pages.


Piney MtnStreet Signs

Odd and interesting street name signs I have found.


Wierd, wonderful and strange intersections

US 15/501Superstreet

Paul BunyanAmericana

I was driving up US 401 to check out the new SPUI for I-540 when I saw this large Paul Bunyan looking statue in a field overlooking the work zone. I figure that that  kind of road art is endangered, especially that close to the construction of the Interstate. The idea of this page was born then and there.

North Carolina

NC Highway Ends

My contributions to the highway ends web site - www.state-ends.com/ncends/state/

I 540Exit 50?

NCDot has been putting up BGS's on the unopened section of I 540 west of I 40. Since I 40 is exit 1, the exits west of the I 40 have been numbered starting at exit 50 for NC 54 and presumably counting down. However, NCDOT documents have said that the entire I 540 loop will be 65 miles. So, this exit should be exit 65. What gives? Before 540 opened, NCDOT completely resigned the highway, including mile markers.  

US 74US 74 versus I 74

US 74 is currently multiplexed with Future I 74. Not only is that confusing for the traveller, it violates a long standing rule in North Carolina that two highways cannot have the same number.

US 52NC Freeway Exit Guides

North Carolina has been adding exit numbers to non-Interstate freeways (and some expressways) over the last decade or so. These guides are a work in progress to try to document this numbering. Brian Leblanc has a site in progress, but it covers interstates as well. This guide concentrates on non-Interstate freeways and expressways. The to-do list of freeways is much longer than the list already done. If you have anything to add to these guides, please email me.

NC10Historic NC 10

NC-10 was the Central Highway, the most important of the original NC state highways established in 1921. It largely has been replaced by US 70 and US 19, but remnants remain. An article on the road in Durham is here.

MazeThe Maze

I 85/73/85 Business / US 29/70/220/421 Interchange in Greensboro is one of North Carolina's most confusing interchanges.

My Pages

I965Clinched Highways

"Clinched" means that I have travelled every mile of that highway.

County Count MapCounty Count

The Extra Mile Club is club of roadgeeks trying to visit as many counties in the US as possible.

NC CountiesNC Counties

Records of clinching state highways within North Carolina counties.

I965Visited Highway Ends

Visited 2-di Interstate and US Highway ends.

Roadgeek Blog

My personal diary of roadtrips.



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