Devil's Tramping Ground Sign

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University Logo

UNC Logo on Sign
Columbia Street is not a college controlled street. It is NC 86, a state route. (Chapel Hill NC)

The Many Names of Piney Mountain Road (Chapel Hill NC)

Piney Mnt RoadPiney Mountain RoadPiney Mt RoadPiney Mtn Road

This road is only a mile long. There are three different abbreviations for "Mountain" on the road signs. "Mnt" is an abbreviation for "Mount", not "Mountain". Of course, this is the one used on the state highway NC 86 intersection. "MT" is an abbreviation for "Mount" or "Mountain". "Mtn" is better (and is the most common on the road). On only one sign is it spelled out.

What Does That Mean?

Pavement Treatment Ahead
This indicates the presence of rumble strips on the road ahead to try to get drivers to slow down. (Chapel Hill NC)
Traffic Calming Area
This indicates the presence of speed humps on the road ahead to try to get drivers to slow down. (Chapel Hill NC)
Traffic Calming AreaAnother version of Speed Bump. Chapel Hill NC.


Pavement Treatment Ahead
Usually Crossroads is abbreviated X Roads (NC-902, Bear Creek NC)

Devil's Tramping Ground

Devil's Tramping Ground
This road is named after a local supposedly haunted locality, the Devil's Tramping Ground (Bear Creek NC)

The Return of NC 15

NC 15/US 15/NC 54There is no North Carolina State Highway 15, since that would conflict with US 15. Somebody in NCDoT has mistakenly made some NC 15 shields with the diamond shield when they meant to make US 15 shields.

About two years ago, these signs were installed at the intersection of US 15/501 and NC 54. What was funny was that sign complexes had both US 15 and NC 15 shields, one for northbound and the other for southbound. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures before the NCD0T realized their mistake and replaced the shields.

This week, one of the NC 15 shields reappeared. It is not quite as ironic as the previous shields, except that NCDot made the same error again.