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I was driving up US 401 to check out the new SPUI for I-540 when I saw this large Paul Bunyan looking statue in a field overlooking the work zone. I figure that that  kind of road art is endangered, especially that close to the construction of the Interstate. The idea of this page was born then and there.

Paul Bunyan - US 401 at I 540 -> US 1 at I-540

Paul BunyanMuffler Man in Situ

The left-hand picture was taken on US 401 just north of I 540 in March 2004. By 2007,  the statue had been moved. The right-hand picture was taken in 2013 in a building materials yard east of the US 1/I 540 interchange. This is the same statue, repainted. The business uses an image of the statue as its logo, but with a red shirt instead of a green one. This is a "Paul Bunyan" type of statue, but actually is a "Muffler Man". He has an entry at Roadside America at

Crossroads - A Bikers Club on US 401 South of Rolesville

Crossroads Bike

Crossroads Bike

West Ten Road - Efland

Buggy Sign

NC 24/27 Between Cameron and Carthage

Wierd Farm ArtWierd Farm Art

Shangri-La - NC 86 North of Prospect Hill

This small village is the work of Henry L. Warren, a primitive artist.  For more info:


The Original Hollywood Horror Show

One of the weirdest things I've chanced upon is the Original Hollywood Horror Show which is in the middle of the woods on Bass Mountain Road a half mile from NC 87 south of Graham NC. This kind of show would be normal in a tourist trap area, such as Cherokee or Gatlinburg, or even Myrtle Beach, but not in rural Piedmont North Carolina.

Original Hollywood
      Horror Show

University Station

An appropriate house marker on University Station Road just north of the railroad tracks between US 70 and Old NC 10 in Orange County NC. There was once a railroad station near here for the college students to change trains from the main line to a short run train to the train station in West End (now Carrboro) for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Bull City Radiator Shop

On US 70 just west of I 85.

Bull City Radiator

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City SD

Overlooking Rapid City are statues of dinosaurs in a city park built in the 1930's as a WPA project.


Filling Station Restaurant

Filling Station
On US 64 Alternate in Robersonville NC, this old pack house now houses a restaurant. What makes it a piece of Americana are the murals on the upper part of the walls of the restaurant. painted in the late 1940's, the murals evoke 19th century folk art with a touch of Grandma Moses. Unfortunately, I could not get photos of the murals themselves.


Dakin Maple SyrupTeddy BearFIre Plug JackFlying

New Hampshire



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