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What's here? Mostly roadgeek stuff, including Connecticut roads and 3-digit interstate highways .
Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive coverage of roads and highways online.
Base site for a number of roadgeek sites View highway route markers, past and present, from around the world

US highway endpoints, photos, maps, and history
AASHTO Route Numbering Archive

North Carolina Pages Annex: More Highways of North Carolina
Welcome to Carolina Highways! Dedicated to the present roads of North and South Carolina.
Updated every two years, the State Transportation Map has been a popular travel resource as it features North Carolina's extensive highway system as well as important safety information.
The N.C. Department of Transportation maintains county and bridge maps that identify primary and secondary roads and bridges that make up the State Transportation System. The maps also include incorporated cities and towns, communities, major waterways, airports, railroads and other points of interest, such as state and national parks and forests, churches, cemeteries and schools.
So you need to find your way around North Carolina?  You've come to the right place.  Whether you're looking for an exit number, a way to kill time, or the mileage from point A to point B NC Exit Lists is your home for the highways of North Carolina -- home of the Division I-AA National Football Champion Appalachian State Mountaineers. North Carolina Maps is a comprehensive, online collection of historic maps of the Tar Heel State. Featuring maps from three of the state's largest map collections -- the North Carolina State Archives, the North Carolina Collection at UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Outer Banks History Center -- North Carolina Maps provides an unprecedented level of access to these materials. When complete, North Carolina Maps will contain over 1,500 maps, ranging in date from the late 1500s to the 1960s, and will include detailed maps for each of North Carolina's one hundred counties.
North Carolina Department of Transportation, Route Changes

Other States
The Michigan Highways website, a personal creation of one person and dedicated to the past, present and future of the Michigan State Trunkline system as well as other highways and routes throughout the Great Lakes State. This website is intended to be a clearinghouse of information on Michigan's highways, from easily-recognized facts to the little-known trivia. By Chris Bessert. Official State Transportation Map (Michigan)
Mapmikey's Virginia Highways Page
California Highways Site

Ohio Official Transportation Map
A Straight Line Diagram (SLD) is a two dimensional graphic representation of the physical roadway characteristics of a highway as if it had no turns or curves.  Mileage is based on the centerline of the roadway as measured from the western or southern county line or other true beginning.  All routes on the Interstate, U. S. and State Route systems are shown on these diagrams.
The State Highway Log, which is published annually, contains roadway data and mileage statistics for more than 7,000 miles of Washington State Highways. It is designed to provide a record of current highway system information and a source for computing distances between major points.

Roadgeek Tools Google maps
This is a high-precision general purpose mapping application, based on Google Maps with a bunch of things added on.
The freshest digital map with the most innovative features.
OpenStreetMap is a free editable map of the whole world.
Maps and Apps for Everyone
Easy online discovery, access, visualization, and dissemination of geospatial information.
Aerial photographs archive.
The National Map: Historical Topographic Map Collection
Office of Coast Survey's Historical Map & Chart Collection covers the land and waters of the United States of America, including territories and possessions (past and present).
The aerial photograph site
Maps and Driving directions
SignMaker- If your computer can run Java, the SignMaker program is all you need to make signs like the one at the top of this page, with the route numbers, town names, and markers you choose. Always ones to let our competitive nature get the better of us, we (that's Bert, Mark, Chris, Marty, and all our like-minded friends) are keeping track of all the U.S. counties we've been to.
SHIELDS UP! Highway Shield Generator [Defunct] Use the Highway Browser to look up highways and waypoints you can use in your .list file for creating your Clinched Highways Map site.

[Defunct] This site allows users to map which portions of interstate highways they have travelled, or "clinched," and calculates how many miles of the Interstate Highway System they have travelled.

GeoSearch finds any place in Canada, shows it on a map, and gives basic Census data for that place. View maps showing various places and locations, census and non-census boundaries, patterns, and distribution based on interaction with the user and the map.
United States Topographic Maps 1:250,000 - Perry-Castaneda Map Collection - UT Library Online
Multiple editions of many of the maps are included in this online collection, as noted below. Dates are given for the year of latest revision of each map.

Other Related
The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories are posted at this site. Information on finding and hiking the US county high points.