Old NC10->US 70

NC-10 to US-70 in Orange County NC

Original NC 10 Routing

Original US 70 Routing

Current Business US 70 (Hillsborough)

Current US 70 Routing

Original US 70 routing labeled both US 70 and NC 10
Original US 70 routing just signed US 70
Current Business US 70 signed as US 70A. A new freeway is built south of US 70, but north of West Ten Road and west of Hillsborough. It is unnumbered.
The new freeway is signed US 70. Current US 70 west is signed US 70A.
The freeway is signed US 70 and I 85. An extension south of Hillsborough is under construction.
With the completion of the freeway, it is signed I 85. US 70A west is signed US 70. US 70A in Hillsborough is signed US 70 Business
With the completion of NC 147 to I 85 eliminating the Hillsborough Road exits in Durham, Hillsborough Road and US 70 to the I 85 interchange is signed US 70 Business.

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